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3-N-3 Driver Improvement Courses

These courses are for those who have been court-orded to complete driving courses in order to prevent licence suspension. 

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12 Hour ADI


This course is for those wanting to reinstate a revoked or
suspended license in Florida and also meets the
requirements of a court-ordered driver improvement
course. Upon enrolling into the 12-Hour ADI students are
provided a Verification of Enrollment Certificate that can
be used to obtain a hardship license.
*This course is not for those working to address
DUI-related suspensions.

8 Hour ADI


This 8 Hour Aggressive Course is intended for drivers who
have been ordered by a judge to attend because
they have shown signs of aggressive driving behavior,
such as: accumulating an excessive number of citations,
driving with excessive speed, or unknowingly driving with
a suspended license.

8 Hour BDI


This course is for Florida drivers who have received 2
traffic tickets in a 12-month period and have been
court ordered by a judge to take the course. The course
has several other names including: 8-Hour Traffic
School, 8-Hour Intermediate Course, 8-Hour SDAPP

4 Hour BDI


The Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI)
course is for Florida drivers who received a non-criminal
minor traffic ticket and elect to take the course to prevent
points, or have been ordered by a judge to, or
were at fault in a traffic accident in which someone was
injured. Some drivers also voluntarily take the course
in order to receive an insurance discount. By electing to
take a driver improvement course, drivers will
receive an 18% reduction in their fine, prevent points on
their license, and prevent an increase in their auto
insurance as a result of a ticket.

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