Wheels to Freedom

 Your  keys to independence

Thank you so very much for considering us your PARTNER for INDEPENDENCE. It is our mission to ensure we are making the best decisions for the safety of the student and the success of the Wheels to Freedom program.

Our seasoned instructors will make an evaluation to assess the students understanding of basic car fundamentals and road knowledge.  Our focus will include measuring the students ability to stay engaged and consider the surroundings, understanding driver predictability and execution of safe driver decisions. The instructor will determine the ability of the student to recognize potential dangers and adherence to the traffic laws. We will strive to instill the confidence and courtesy needed in shaping the continuous journey for life's highway to FREEDOM.

The student evaluation will be an hour of basic car fundamentals, operation, control and drive time assessment. Recommendations will be forwarded to the program director for lesson package and scheduling availability.

This program is specialized for teens or adults with autism spectrum disorder or ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. These characteristics may place them at risk for safety, however may also have the opposite effect that encourages hyper focused characteristics that promote safe driving behaviors and strict adherence to the laws of the road. Our goal is to help people with disabilities whether mental or mild physical, putting them on the road to Independence. We believe creating the SCI is the limit… Safety, Confidence, Independence.

It is understood that an owner/instructor of Emerald Coast Driving School does not guarantee the passing of the road skills exam or securing a driver's license to operate a motor vehicle. Our mission is to coach for success.

Service Price
Wheels To Freedom Student Evaluation (1 Hour) $130

How  Wheels To freedom Works


Book a Wheels To Freedom Evaluation

The student evaluation will be an hour of basic car fundamentals, operation, control and drive time assessment.


Recieve recommendations for future lessons

The student evaluation and lesson package recommendations will be forwarded to the program director.


Book a lesson package

Purchase the recommended lesson package and continue driving lessons.

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