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Emerald Coast Driving School has partnered with the National Highway Safety Administration to offer certified online driver education courses. These courses contribute towards the requirements to obtain the Florida Learner's and Class E Licences.

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First Time drivers Permit test


This is the written test required to obtain the Florida Learner's permit. Applicants must be under 18 years of age. A practice test is included.

Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course


This course is required for first time drivers and must be completed before the Learner's permit can be obtained. This course is 4 hours long.

Combo TLSAE and Drivers Permit test


A combination of the First Time Drivers Permit Test and the Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course.

Wireless Communication Device Safety


This is a 90 minute course that can be used to dismiss a driving ticket and waive a fine. The final exam is included.

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