Exam Preparation

Prepare for your road skills exam

This is an excellent opportunity for a practice session to familiarize students with the necessary posturing for the Road Skills Exam and the maneuvers required for performance. This lesson plan includes quick stops, reverse backing 50 feet, 3 point turn, parking and other basic skills required for passing the road skills exam. Emerald Coast Driving School is here to coach your success but does not guarantee the passing of the RSE with the DMV or any Third Party Administrator. Please see Professor Buddy Buggs Resources for more detailed information on the Road Skills Checklist!

Lesson Requirements

Service Price
1.5 Hour Road Skills Exam Prep $150
Buggs Bundle Full Package
  • 12 Hour Lesson Package
  • 10 Hour Night Driving Lesson Package
  • 1.5 Hour Road Skills Exam Prep
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