Driving Safe is No ACcident!

Our professionally seasoned team of driving instructors will expose each and every driver to both the physical and mental aspects of driving. We teach you easy to understand skills, car control and journey through situational awareness. We will build confidence in executing safe driver decisions and the ability to gauge and predict drivers creating safer roads.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with dual brake, internal and external dash cameras. The purpose of these cameras is to record driving performance, safety and quality control metrics for the management of our fleet and the safety of our students. Safety Behind the Wheel is our Priority and Promise to you.

Lesson Requirements

  •  Students must hold a Florida Learner's Permit
  •  Students participating in Night Lessons (driving until 10 pm) must have held their learner's permit for 3 months and have had practice behind the wheel. You must have taken driving lessons with us before or book an initial 1 hour evaluation lesson before participating in night driving.
Service Price
1 Hour Introduction Lesson - *Night drive prerequisite  $130
2 Medical Review $215
4 Hour Lesson Package
  • 2 x 2 Hour Lessons

6 Hour Lesson Package

  • 4 x 1.5 Hour Lessons
10 Hour Night Driving Lesson Package*
  • 5 x 2 Hour Night Lessons
12 Hour Lesson Package
  • 8 x 1.5 Hour Lessons
Buggs Bundle Full Package
  • 12 Hour Lesson Package
  • 10 Hour Night Driving Lesson Package
  • 1.5 Hour Road Skills Exam Prep

How to book Your Lessons


Select A Package

Book a 2 hour evaluation to start out, or purchase a lesson package.


Book Your Lesson

Choose your location, instructor, date and time and book your individual lessons with your lesson package. 


Start Learning

We'll pick you up at your chosen pick up/ drop off location. We'll discuss your driving goals and you'll recieve detailed feedback during and after each lesson.

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