Buddy Buggs

AFTER School &  Weekend Program 'BuDDY Buggs'

Buddy Buggs offers an opportunity for multiple in-car student participation and observation. We believe education through numbers and observation provides an additional opportunity for a layered experience.

Buddy Buggs is available on Weekends on Saturdays and Sundays during the school year.  Available lesson times start at 7:30 - 8:00 am and run through till 6 pm.

  • Sessions are available for two or three students
  • Buddy Buggs 2 students - drive 1 ½ each per lesson for 6 hours behind the wheel drive time/6 hours observation.
  • Buddy Buggs 3 students - drive 1-1 ½ each per lesson in a rotation for 6 hours drive time / 12 hours observation.
Service Price
Buddy Buggs 12 Hour Package (2 student session) $875 per student

How to book Buddy Buggs


Select A Package

Learning is fun with more than one. So if you're a sibling, twin or choosing a friend, let the learning begin. 


Choose An Instructor

We are here to coach your success.


Start Learning

Buddy Buggs lessons are a layered experience for paired driving and observation learning.

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