Driving School 3-N-3 Program - 3-N-3 Driver Change Program at Emerald Coast Driving School

3-N-3 Driver Change Program


This package contains 4 hours of BTW lessons and the extended road test.This covers the basic fundamentals of driving instruction, defensive driving and predictive driver training. Instructors will assess and cover the correct posturing for the extended road test. Our instructors will guide students through situational awareness and creation of safe driver habits, encouraging driving behaviors free from dangerous distraction. Completion of the behind the wheel instruction will be reported to the state for compliance.

After BTW lessons are complete you may undertake the extended road test with Emerald Coast Driving School. 

Please note: Failure to complete these requirements within 90 days of the conviction will result in a license cancellation. * Additional crashes will result in more requirements and penalties

All paperwork regarding Notice of Order of Cancellation and Final Order need to be emailed to jana@emeraldcoastdrivingschool.com. If you do not have a copy of your paperwork, please visit your MyDMVPortal.flhsmv.gov or call the Customer Service Center at 850-617-2000

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